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Parole Attorneys in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania

Being granted parole is a critical point in the life of someone who's been incarcerated, offering a chance for freedom and the opportunity for a return to society. It can be a great opportunity for a new start in life.  

At Adams Kearney Law, our team of dedicated attorneys understands the importance of this process and is committed to helping clients in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas successfully navigate the pathway to parole. We have the experience and knowledge to cater to your needs while keeping your best interests in mind along the way.

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What Is Parole? 

Parole is a form of early release from prison, granted to inmates who have demonstrated good behavior and compliance with the rules of their incarceration. It allows inmates the opportunity to serve the remainder of their sentence under supervised freedom, thus integrating back into the community before their full sentence has been served.  

In Pennsylvania, the decision to grant parole is made by the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole, which evaluates each candidate based on factors such as the nature of the crime committed, the inmate's behavior during incarceration, and their readiness to rejoin society.  

Parolees must adhere to specific conditions set forth by the parole board; failure to comply with these conditions can result in the revocation of parole and a return to incarceration. 

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How Does Parole Work? 

Parole in Pennsylvania begins with the inmate's proactive step of applying for parole.

This application sets into motion a thorough review by the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole, which takes a holistic approach to evaluating the potential for successful reintegration.

Key elements of this evaluation include: 

  • The inmate's conduct while incarcerated, including disciplinary records. 

  • Active participation in rehabilitation programs, ranging from educational to substance abuse treatment programs. 

  • The strength and availability of a support network upon release, which could include family, friends, or community programs. 

If the board decides in favor of granting parole, the inmate steps into a transitional phase of freedom, albeit with strings attached. Parolees must navigate this phase by adhering to a set of conditions designed to ensure public safety and aid in the parolee's adjustment. These conditions typically encompass: 

  • Regular check-ins with a parole officer to assess progress and address challenges. 

  • Employment requirements to foster responsibility and independence. 

  • Possible restrictions on where a parolee can live and whom they can associate with, aimed at reducing the risk of re-offending. 

  • Attendance at counseling sessions or continued participation in treatment programs if required. 

Compliance with these conditions is closely monitored through various means, including visits from the parole officer, workplace verifications, and sometimes electronic monitoring.  

Failure to comply with any of the conditions can lead to revocation of parole and a return to incarceration. The parole process, therefore, serves as a critical bridge between imprisonment and full freedom, emphasizing accountability, rehabilitation, and public safety. 

Eligibility for Parole 

Inmates serving a sentence of two or more years in Pennsylvania are typically eligible for parole after completing a minimum of one-third of their sentence.

However, certain offenses such as murder and sexual assault may require the completion of a longer minimum sentence before parole eligibility.  

Additionally, inmates serving sentences for more serious offenses may be required to undergo a risk assessment evaluation by the parole board before being considered for release. Speak with our reliable criminal defense team to learn more about your options.  

How Our Legal Team Can Help 

At Adams Kearney Law, we help clients with: 

  • Preparing for the Parole Hearing: We assist in gathering all necessary documentation and evidence to support your request for parole, including letters of support, proof of rehabilitation, and plans for reintegration into the community. 

  • Representation at the Hearing: Our experienced attorneys can provide representation during the parole hearing, advocating on your behalf to present the strongest possible case for your release. 

  • Navigating Legal Requirements: We will ensure that you understand and comply with all legal requirements related to your parole application, including any restrictions that may apply upon your release. 

  • Addressing Violations: If you're facing accusations of parole violations, our attorneys can represent and defend you, aiming to prevent revocation of your parole. 

Parole Attorneys Serving Ridley Park, Pennsylvania

If you or a loved one is seeking parole in Pennsylvania, the criminal defense attorneys at Adams Kearney Law are here to offer guidance and support throughout this challenging process. Our team is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients, advocating for their rights and freedom every step of the way. Contact us to schedule a case evaluation and to learn more about how we can assist you. With offices in Ridley Park, we serve clients across the greater Philadelphia area, Chester County, Delaware County, and surrounding cities.