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Drug Possession Defense Attorneys in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, it is unlawful to possess controlled substances, such as cocaine, marijuana, heroin, or ecstasy, without authorization. Unfortunately, a criminal conviction for drug possession can jeopardize your personal reputation, career, freedom, and professional opportunities. With your career and future on the line, it is absolutely normal to feel terrified and overwhelmed. 

If you've been arrested and charged with drug possession, retaining an aggressive Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney is imperative for proper guidance. At Adams Kearney Law, our attorneys have the skills and resources to represent and defend clients in their drug possession charges. Using our extensive knowledge, we can investigate all of the facts of your case, outline a solid defense, and represent you diligently at every phase of the legal process. 

Adams Kearney Law proudly serves clients across Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, and throughout Chester County, Delaware County, as well as surrounding cities and the greater Philadelphia area. 

Understanding Pennsylvania Drug Possession Laws  

According to Pennsylvania law, a person may be facing drug possession charges if he or she intentionally or knowingly possesses a controlled substance – including methamphetamine, marijuana, heroin, fentanyl, or cocaine – when they are not registered or licensed to possess the said substance. 

In addition, it is unlawful to possess any amount of recreational marijuana. Also, only individuals and businesses with valid growers/processor licenses can cultivate marijuana. However, patients are allowed to only possess or buy a 90-day supply of marijuana for medical purposes, based on their doctor's prescription. 

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Elements of Possession 

As previously mentioned, knowingly possessing a controlled substance without any authorization or valid prescription from a licensed medical professional is illegal. However, in order to find the defendant guilty of drug possession, the prosecution attorney must prove the following elements beyond a reasonable doubt: 

  • The alleged defendant knowingly or intentionally possessed the controlled substance or illicit drugs without a valid prescription. 

  • The defendant was located in Pennsylvania when the drug crime occurred. 

  • The drug is listed on a schedule of controlled substances in the state. 

  • The offender knew – or should have known – about the nature and presence of the drugs. 

  • The defendant had dominion and control over the controlled substance.

A dependable Pennsylvania drug possession defense attorney can examine all of the surrounding facts of your case and outline a solid strategy to help fight your charges. 

Possible Penalties 

However, drug-related crimes in Pennsylvania may be charged as a misdemeanor or felony and are usually punished severely. Depending on the defendant's criminal record, drug schedule, amount of drugs, and other surrounding circumstances, a drug possession conviction may result in the following penalties and legal implications: 

  • substantial fines and court fees 

  • prison sentences (ranging from months, years, or decades) 

  • community service 

  • a criminal record/history 

  • probation 

  • inability to possess, own, carry or firearms 

  • loss of voting rights 

  • ineligibility for some financial loans 

  • increased difficulty in getting scholarships and educational opportunities 

  • mandatory drug treatment classes 

  • possible deportation or inadmissibility to the United States 

  • increased difficulty in getting public benefits or government assistance 

  • increased difficulty traveling abroad 

  • increased difficulty in securing employment and accommodation 

  • & more 

A reliable lawyer can intervene quickly, prevent charges from being filed against you, or determine the best defenses to help you avoid the far-reaching consequences of a conviction. 

Possible Defenses 

When facing allegations of drug possession, your attorney can fight the charges against you with any of the following legal defenses: 

  • Unlawful search and seizure.  

  • The drugs belonged to someone else. 

  • Victim of entrapment. 

  • Existence of a valid prescription. 

  • Errors or inconsistencies in the crime lab analysis report. 

  • Issues with the chain of custody. 

  • Medical marijuana defense. 

A dedicated drug crime defense lawyer can fight vigorously for your rights, attempt to establish your innocence, and help improve your chances of a better tomorrow. 

Work With a Strategic Criminal Defense Attorney 

Trying to defend your drug possession accusations without skilled representation can possibly expose you to the risks of getting convicted and suffering the maximum punishments. Therefore, when arrested and charged with drug possession, you need to hire a strategic criminal defense attorney immediately for reliable advocacy and to help strategize your defense. 

At Adams Kearney Law, we're committed to offering outstanding legal services and protecting clients charged with drug possession from devastating consequences. Our highly-skilled attorneys can examine every aspect of your case and refute the accusations against you with substantial facts and evidence. Also, we will fight aggressively to uphold your freedom and make sure those allegations don't ruin your life. 

Drug Possession Defense Attorneys in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania

Facing drug possession allegations can be frightening. Don't face them alone. Contact us at Adams Kearney Law today to schedule a simple case assessment. Our reliable legal team can offer you the vigorous representation and trusted legal counsel you need to fight your drug crime charges. We proudly serve clients across Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, and throughout Chester County, Delaware County, as well as surrounding cities and the greater Philadelphia area.