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Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Coverage What You Need to Know about Full Tort versus Limited Tort

Adams Kearney Law Sept. 15, 2023

All owners of motor vehicles in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are required by law to purchase and maintain automobile insurance.

When purchasing auto insurance, you want to ensure you are sufficiently protected in the event you are in an accident, while being mindful that the cost is not beyond your budget.

Moreover, as an owner, driver or passenger, it is important to understand how automobile insurance affects an individual involved in an automobile accident.

In previous articles, which you can locate on our website, we discussed required and non-required coverage under Pennsylvania law. Here, we will discuss Full Tort versus Limited Tort.

Full Tort or Limited Tort. You must choose between Full Tort or Limited Tort coverage for your auto policy. A “tort” is a legal term meaning a civil wrong, for which the law provides a remedy; you may file a legal claim for damages. For example, if you hit someone’s car and hurt them, you have committed a “tort” against that person.

If you choose “Limited Tort,”you can sue for payment of medical bills, but you may be unable to seek repayment for pain and suffering. You may be precluded from recovering for injuries caused by another driver unless your injuries are deemed “serious”(defined as an injury resulting in death, serious or permanent impairment of a bodily function).

If you select “Full Tort,”you are preserving your full legal rights in case of an accident or injury. Limited Tort coverage allows you to save some money, but you are forfeiting you and your family’s rights in case of an accident or injury. Our firm recommends that you select “Full Tort” coverage.

Please do not hesitate to contact Adams Kearney if you have any questions regarding auto insurance coverage or if we can be of any other assistance to you. You can also find our other informative articles, Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Coverage: What You Need to Know About Required Coverages and Take Back Control of Your Finances and Life, at www.AdamsKearneyLaw.com.